Despite All My Rage Im Still Just A Rat In A Cage

Dated: 09/23/2017

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Today I found an Interesting article that illustrates the observation I have had since I have been in this business. The "established" theory is that people, particularly Gen X and younger, want to live in more urban, higher density, walkable, vibrant areas like downtown condos and such. This has been repeated over and over as he gospel in our industry. However, anectdotely, I have not found this to be true. The fact is that statistically 88% of all home buyers, renters excluded, want to live in a place with space or what we would call a single family home. Which is significantly more like to be in a suburban setting. This fact flies in the face of what we are being told, over and over. So I ran across two very interesting articles this week to support my theory that this in not true, and that even if it was is not a good thing for the human race in general. So here they are, the first one details what people really want. I know it's an opinion, but it more what I see in the real world, around here at least: 

Link 1 The Suburb of the Future 

Then this explains why, and why a 100% infill and redevelopment strategy for Fayette County planning for growth is shortsighted and not a good idea. But I digress. 

Link 2 - Which is where the Smashing Pumpkins reference comes in to play. They were geniuses ahead of their time I guess. Song: Bullet With Butterfly Wings 


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