Sep 11th

Dated: 09/11/2017

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Today is a day I will never forget, every year I think back to that day for obvious reasons. 

You see I had just left New York City the night before, from a long guys trip weekend. We attended the Red Soxvs Yankees series in the old Yankee stadium, we sayed in Manhattan, and we had on out bucket list of things to do to so see the Twin Towers and the Financial District, as I was in the process of getting into the Wall Street world at the time. However as it was we had too much fun that weekend and did not make it there, we did have a fun night late Sunday night with a few off duty NYC fire fighters and an impromptu arm wresting tournament in a local dive bar. While I do not remember their names I do remember their faces and how mad they were to lose to a civilian white collar redneck from KY. It was great. I often wonder where they are, if they made it out, and how they are now and or their families. 

However after a long, and I mean long wait at the airport, and offers to give up seats on our flight through Pittsburg home to Lexington a free room and a flight in the morning, and with the offer reaching $500 we decided if it went to $600 we would take the offer and stay. But it didn't and we went home, late Sept 10, 2001. 

Needless to say I was late the next day for work, I worked for a wireless cell phone company, and my boss was calling my phone over and over that morning. I finally, angrily, answered. She didn't even say anything like "You are late, you need to get here!" like usual. She said hastily, "Where are you, are you home?" 

I replied with something like, "Well I will be late I overslept....(starting to try to think of a good excuse)." 

She said: "Get up and turn the TV on!" That was weird.

So I did. 

What I saw was a smoking first tower, and the talking head rambling about a small airplane and an accident or something like that. Then as he was talking I saw it, the second plane hit over his shoulder. At that point I knew it was terrorism. It was a surreal moment, I will never forget. Thoughts of everything from anger to being scared. 

I don't tell this for any other reason as to say this. Several minutes later when the plan hit the Pentagon, the first person confirmed killed was a friend of mine. Eddie Earhardt. 

This is Him:Image title

He was just doing his job, and that was it. 

Now I can go on and I will be remiss if I do not remember all of the thousands who died that day, and in the many years who followed, and still. We can argue the points of reasoning, causation, strategy, good bad or ugly. But the fact is we all have our story. We all have our thoughts and opinions. This is mine. 

I am thankful for people like Eddie, that has allowed me and everyone in this country to have the opportunities we have today. We have the chance to get up and make the day whatever we choose, every day. Eddie doesn't. So many millions of people in lands I have never seen and probably never will do not either. But we do. Americans do. Our Allies around the world do. Many things that we may or may not like, or agree with or not,  have to happen to make that right remain. Today I thank all of those men and women who have made this happen. I resolve to never forget Eddie, or any of the brave men and women to have a do still defend our right. Our right to be whatever we want to be, our right to make each day whatever we choose it to be. 

God Bless you Eddie, God Bless all the men and women who have, are, and will server our country for us. And God Bless America., 

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